Sharing your CDR data?

You can authorise AMB to share specific data that we hold about you. As a data holder under the

CDR legislation, we are required to make available specific sets of data available for sharing:

  • Name, occupation, and contact details
  • Account balances and features of products you have with us
  • Transaction details
  • Direct debits and scheduled payments
  • Saved payees
  • Information about our products and services

We will only share data that we are required to under the CDR legislation, and we will not share your

CDR data unless you consent.

You can choose to share your CDR data with an accredited data recipient so they can provide you

with a product or service at any time.

You may withdraw your authorisation for us to share your consumer data at any time through your

Internet Banking. You can also make a request by contacting us, by visiting one of our branches or

by telephone.

Contact details can be found at this link on our website;

Data Sharing 

As a data holder we share your banking data with accredited third parties if you authorise us to. We do this in accordance with our Consumer Data Right Policy.  

To be eligible for data sharing, you: 

  • Must be at least 18 years old and registered for Internet banking 
  • Must have an eligible personal account 

Types of data we may share with your permission  

  • Name and contact details 
  • Transaction details 
  • Account balance 
  • Direct debits and scheduled payments 
  • Saved payees 
  • Product information

How to share your data

Provide your consent on the website or app of the accredited recipient you want to share your Australian Military Bank data with first. You will then be taken securely to Australian Military Bank so you can set up sharing in few steps.

Step 1: Enter your Member ID and we will send one time password to your registered mobile number. 

Step 2: Check the SMS sent to your registered mobile number and enter 6-digit one-time password. 

Step 3: Choose which accounts you would like to share the data from.

Step 4: Review the details and confirm you want to share the data. We will then take you securely back to the accredited organisation you started on. 

Viewing and Managing your Data