At Frollo, we've broken how you spend into two buckets 'Living' and 'Lifestyle'.  Living expenses are everyday costs necessary to maintain your basic needs and are usually regular ongoing expenses (mortgage, rent, groceries, insurance etc.)  Lifestyle expenses are discretionary and can be budgeted to decrease costs without impacting on your basic standard of living (takeaway, entertainment, travel etc).

To view how you spend (by category) follow the steps below:

Step 1: Scroll to the How you spend widget on your Dashboard

Step 2: Select either 'Living' or 'Lifestyle' from the graph

Step 3: Select a category e.g. Lifestyle -> 'Entertainment' or Living - > 'General Insurance'

Step 4: View the period (Week, Fortnight, Month) for your spend total

To further breakdown your expenses chart select a transaction and #Tag it: view our Transaction Tagging article for steps

Happy budgeting!