Setting Goals

You will be able to set multiple goals, link them to an account and automatically track your progress.

Track the things that matter the mostsee how you're tracking at a glance.

Steps to create a goal:

Step 1: On your dashboard scroll down to 'Goals'

Step 2: Select 'Add a Goal'

Step 3: Name your goal, or select a quick start category (Car, House, Holiday, Savings etc), select 'Next'

Step 4: What is your target? Add a goal amount and select 'Next'

Step 5: When do you want to achieve your goal? Add a date, and select 'Next'

Step 6: Link to account, select which account you would like to add your savings to

Step 7: Use available balance as a start? select if 'Yes'

Save Goal.  Goal will be successfully created. You can track your progress on the dashboard.

Deleting a Goal

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way of a good plan and goals will need to be amended or deleted.

Step 1: On your dashboard select Goals, and then the goal you want to delete

Step 2: Select the cog, on the top right-hand corner of the screen

Step 3: Change the Amount or Date, or select Delete