CDR is live shared data so your transaction will populate into the Frollo App in real-time.  

If for some reason you are experiencing issues with your CDR data please contact our support team for help. Or, go to the Accounts tab and try the Pull-to-Refresh feature.

If you notice your account hasn't synced when you log in, you can now Pull-to-Refresh for your account data. It’s simple, it does what it says and it’s live in the app now.

When you pull-to-refresh, a lot is happening behind the scenes, that’s why it takes a few moments for your data to fully update.  While the wheel spins, Frollo is busily checking information on your behalf with all your registered financial providers to make sure we give you an accurate and up-to-date view. 

Once completed, you’ll see your most recent transactions and get the full picture of exactly what you’ve spent and where, as well as what you have left to spend. When it comes to your finances, the more current the information is the better, so we hope you enjoy the feature and find it helpful.

If you have linked your accounts with CDR, in most cases, you will not need to use this feature as your data in synced almost immediately when you make a transaction :-)