All about your sharing preferences

Frollo has released a new menu feature that helps you manage how you share data with us.  In this menu, you can select multiple providers to gain an overall view of your finances and select which accounts inside the bank providers you want to track.

Data we are receiving

We leverage your shared data to support you with your savings goals. We use the data from transaction details to provide you with insights into where your money goes. This data supports our Bill management, transaction categorisation, and expense tracking features which informs you of where your money is going.

Steps for data sharing consent:

Step 1: Go to Accounts > Select + in the top right-hand corner of the screen

Step 2:Link an Account, select  ‘See more banks’ to find Yodlee linked accounts

Step 3: Link through Yodlee bank-grade security > Search for your provider and select to connect

Step 4: Confirm your ' Consent Period' - grant Frollo access to your account for a specified term

Step 5: Read and select the data type you want to share

Step 6: 'Consent Confirmation' - read through everything you've selected to acknowledge and press 'I consent'

Step 7: Follow the steps in linking your account :)