If you’re seeing double when it comes to transactions, let’s take a closer look.

If the transactions are pending, the good news is that the duplicate will disappear when the real transaction updates.  Pending transactions will not apply to your spend or budget, so these will not be affected.

If the duplicate transactions are not pending, check that you haven’t got two accounts showing on your Account tab.

Steps to check your accounts:

Step 1: Log into the app and select the Accounts tab, 

Step 2: Review your linked accounts and make sure you don't see multiple accounts from the same institution. 

Step 3: If there are multiple accounts associated with your Frollo account, go into data sharing (in settings) and manage your sharing preferences by unticking "include in budget" to hide and remove the duplication issue.

(please be aware, if you hide an account, the account will not sync any new data and the transactions will not be included in your budget)