To gain a complete view of your finances it is important to connect all of your bank accounts across all your providers, superannuation providers, home and contents insurance (provided by banks), and so on.

 Frollo makes this easy to do with our new Data Sharing menu, which allows you to connect multiple accounts and view your information in one safe place.

Follow these instructions to add multiple accounts in six easy steps:

Step 1: Select the 'Accounts' tab

Step 2: Select Data Sharing

Step 3: Click the + button at the top right of the screen

Step 4: Link an Account

  • Select one of the providers listed in the icon menu or,
  • Select 'See more banks' to search our list of providers
  • You can scroll through the list or type into the search bar the first few letters and select your provider

Step 5: Securely connect your accounts, Frollo will use Yodlee to share data using bank-grade security

  • Account details
  • Account transactions
  • Account features and benefits
  • Regular payments

Step 6: Enter your account details, used for online banking, then click 'Securely Link Account

  • Customer registration number
  • Password
  • Other fields, as required by your banks' security screening process (Security Number, Issue Number, ID)

Frollo will link your accounts within a few minutes.  You can then repeat the process for each bank or provider you would like to link and track.