If you're anything like the Frollo team, you’ll typically move money to and from your accounts.

Examples include moving money from your savings account to pay your credit card, or from your transactions account to pay your home loan.

Because these amounts appear as debits and credits on your bank transactions, it’s easy for them to be mistakenly classed as income or expenses.

We have created three new categories to help identify and manage your budget:

Transfer Between Accounts

This category 'hides' the transaction which would have effectively doubled up on your actual spending and earning causing your budget to blow out.

Credit Card Payment

This category is already connected to Frollo, and your actual spend captured against this account.  When paying your credit card make sure you use the category 'transfer between accounts' 

Loans or Mortgage

Use this category when you transfer money to your mortgage account, where your mortgage account is already connected to Frollo and interest payments are separately deducted.